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Gewerbepark solar panels


This year marked the start of the Gewerbepark Hochrhein Waldshut, Germany. On the grounds of our former inorganic production site in Germany, disused in 1993, Lonza turned and reshaped the former site into a growing business park. Lonza also designed and constructed a photovoltaic power station on the south slope of the former industrial site’s remediated landfill. Completed in 2008, the "Lonza Solar Park" proved its production stability in the years of operation since; delivering around 800 to 900 Megawatt-hours of electricity per year and offsetting around 750 metric tons of fossil based scope-1 CO2e emissions, which would have resulted with coal-fired production.

Lonza started up three 20’000-liter mammalian cell culture fermentation reactors in Portsmouth, NH (USA) -- the biggest single investment in its history until that time.

20'000L bioreactor in Portsmouth, NH, USA
20'000L bioreactor in Portsmouth, NH, USA